Programs & Services

Excelsior aims to connect youth and families to their future by listening to them and partnering to develop a collaborative plan to a safer, stronger and more satisfied life.

Person and Family Centered Recovery Planning (PFCRP) allows for flexibility and innovation in meeting needs of youth and their families. Excelsior recognizes that individuals have unique needs and have the most crucial voice in their search for healthier lives. State certified recovery support services are integrated across all programs and include peer support (both parent and youth partners), crisis support, medication support, and Intensive Wraparound services.

Education Services

• Accredited School • Psychoeducation • Substance Use Education • Parent Education • Outreach Services • Skills Center Summer Program • Credit Recovery • GED • Special Education and Individual Education Planning (IEP/504) • Employment Support •

Primary Healthcare

• Primary Medical and EPSDT Wellness Exams • Nursing Support Services • Medication Administration • Medical Sonitoring • Care Coordination with Medicaid accepting primary, oral, vision and specialty care providers in the inland region of care •

Behavioral Health

• Individual/Group/Family Therapy • Care Coordination • Peer Support • Crisis Support • Day Treatment • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) • Intensive Wraparound Services • Day Treatment • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) • Specialty Programs • Psychiatric Evaluation and Assessment • Substance Use Assessment • Psychiatric Nurse Services • Medication Management • Substance Use and Psychiatric Residential Services • Outreach and Referral •

Your "voice & choice" will guide our service planning

We will share "nothing about you, without you"

We rely on collaboration with our community partners

We provide education, outreach and behavioral health services as part of our collaboration with community partners such as Volunteers of America (VOA), Crosswalk, YFA Connections, Crisis Residential Center (CRC), and along side other individuals and organizations in our community.

Seven billion people in the world and each one of us has a different fingerprint. Our spiritual, cultural and psychological self, along with each of our countless sub-cultures, is unique, and this is part of what makes us an individual. Excelsior recognizes the need for individuals to discover, decipher and/or determine, what about their culture matters to them. They tell us what support they may seek in these areas. We partner with a variety of experts who provide culture, spiritual and religious groups. We provide a group environment marked by unity, respect and safety.

We accept most major medical insurances, Medicaid, and no youth is turned away for an inability to pay.

Integrated Services

Medical Services

Excelsior has over 30 years of experience providing onsite primary medical and specialty care services. Our long standing partnership with WSU's school of nursing, and recent partnership with EWU's school of public health, allows incoming providers to gain valuable experience working with children and adolescents. Our ortho-connect program provides youth with braces and other orthodontic services. The Excelsior Medical Clinic also offers ambulatory services to many of those enrolled in Excelsior's Behavioral Health specialty programs.

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Education Services

Excelsior has over 30 years of experience providing academic services through our fully accredited onsite elementary, middle and high school. The school does not suspend nor expel. Intervention specialists and behavior technicians provide therapeutic and crisis services to all students under the coordination of a campus manager and Mental Health Professional. The school provides special, experiential, and regular education services, GED, and credit retrieval services to ensure all educational opportunities are maximized.

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LifePoint, a comprehensive transition service (17-21)

Hospital Diversion from acute institutional care for transition age youth who lack support system resources, and struggle with homelessness, mental illness, substance use and physical health difficulties. This program utilizes an intensive wraparound approach to deliver support resources from areas needed to establish health and the confidence to live independently.

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Co-occurring Intensive Outpatient (CoIOP), (10-21)

Education, Mental Health, Substance Use, and Therapeutic Recreation services coupled with resource coordination, crisis response, and an innovative harm-reduction approach to meeting individuals "where they are at." Responding to individuals at the location they choose and wherever they are at in their process and stage of change.

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Hospital Diversion

Excelsior has new and innovative programs to divert from acute institutional care. Traditional hospitalization and other acute stabilization services are disruptive to the individual and family system, and also extremely costly to community tax dollars. Excelsior aims to offer services that are more individualized and tailored to the unique person or family's needs.

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Caregiver Respite (10-17)

Serving families who need respite from high intensity caregiving, and youth who benefit from intensive programming and structure in their environment. Many families need scheduled and predictable relief from the intensity and frequent disruption in the home. Youth in these home environments also need relief and time to process, learn new skills and practice reengagement strategies.

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Day Treatment (10-17)

Intensive ancillary services providing hospital diversion and step-down resources for youth who can benefit from increased daily structure and therapeutic intervention under the supervision of Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Child Mental Health Specialists. The program incorporates a Therapeutic Recreation Group that utilizes specialized Challenge Course and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) experiences.

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Roads to Community Living (10-21)

Engaging families with children and adolescents, and young adults with chronic hospitalization and unwanted law enforcement interaction. Many families experience frequent disruption and some parents are engaged in high-intensity caregiving. In 2014, this year long pilot program kept 100% of participants (25) out of the hospital and several families from filing dependency.

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Behavioral Health Residential (10-21)

Excelsior has over 35 years of experience providing intensive and sub-acute child and adolescent behavioral health residential services. We provide intensive inpatient substance use (ASAM 3.5-Co-occurring enhanced) and the State's most intensive level of care for child welfare. Many served in residential services have a history of chronic and significant traumatizing injuries (Adverse Childhood Experiences-ACEs). We provide holistic trauma-informed care. Lengths of stay range from brief stabilization and assessment to long-term sub-acute psychiatric residential care.

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Integrated Care Services

Our integrated care settings wrap individuals with person-centered resources, education, recreation, peer support, and healthcare services to provide whole-person integrative care and bring individuals suffering from addiction, traumatic injuries, and illness to recovery, wellness, and stabilization in their community.

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Therapeutic Recreation

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Outreach and Outpatient

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